Amoy, (travel-blog 60+ photos...beware)

Amoy Amoy Amoy
-the city that had me falling in love

this is the first time ever in my life that i travelled by myself, no family members coming along.
i left for a week.  went with only one other friend. this trip taught me more about my own pursue of happiness than anything. where as my other trips taught me more about attitude and actions and many other things.

its a beautiful city.
it's by the sea,
and theres a little famous island near by.
on the island, there are only pedestrian sidewalks.,you dont really see cars.
you can walk all day around the island.

something special about the island is that when you get on the island you can get a stamp book.
each store on the island has their each individual stamp, and you can collect your stamps from the store to store.

another special thing about this island is that , its known as the island of cats, there are appearntly thousands of cats here.....although i saw more dogs than cats...

people who come to this place likes to mail postcards to other people.

to me, it feels like this is the island where people are true to their feelings and this island is full of people's stories.

its a tourist island, but inside every single cafe (sometimes stores too), on their walls and sometimes furnitures there are messages(usually post-its or sometimes just written by sharpies) left by people who were once there, they write of their stories or their emotions and feelings at the time and often also their deepest secrets.

its really cool being in places like these where you can see what others have been through (majority of the messages are about love) and it can really inspire you,

it definitely inspired me.
what it inspired is a secret teehee.

but i was honestly very happy during this trip.
i feel like it helped me understand and better communicate with myself better yet again. (other trips did alot of that too) and to me it was meaningful
i felt so free, and i had no burdens and no worries.

.... i think im addicted to traveling as a  twosome in china...... (already planning one for next year )

ok now there gonna be like 70 photos and shit. (half taken by iphone)

First we start off in Amoy,

the first view we saw in amoy, 

outside of our hotel

um yea, this is a cafe. by our hotel

on our way to univeristy of amoy, supposedly the most beautiful university in all of china.
student dorms in u of amoy
asian tourist pose~
 in the evening~

a street of taiwanese midnight snacks (there are plenty streets like these in Amoy)

mango ice thingy with red bean dressing. this is huge. like HUGE,

the curtain in my room.

on the island~~~

a typical cafe

all the post-its!!!!

milk tea

im a funny child
the first restrauant we ate at - babycat's cafe

its really pink......
the drink we ordered.

there are big ice creams, i got the smallest one...
 that afternoon, it started raining, so we ran (in the rain(it was a mini typhoon........nbg )) to the nearest coffee bar place,

which is this place.
it kept on raining for like 2 hours, so out of complete boredom we made friends with the guy who owned the place and.....we jammed.

super blurry


a random place that we sat down at
a typical postcard store

they have famous sausages ?
look at all the messages in the store..even on the door......and the bar stools...
everything here is pretty vintage


by the sea

random street view

One of my fav pics. (taken with camera)
taken with iphone

the look out ....not really... im standing on top of a rock on the tallest mont. of the island.

this is a cool piano


fish ball
hand made dumplings (steamed)

fried tofu with meat wrapped inside
hand made dumplings (boiled)

my fav milktea out of all the 20 somewhat i've tried

 back in Amoy.
didn't take as many pics in amoy as i did on the island...
cause it was too romantic  :P

here's a cafe thats important


homemade cake. cheese mixed green tea cake.

and then there's me back in the hotel.....


the romantic scene. (couples bike along the way) where we watched the sunset.

Thank you, for being by my side all along.