Nocturne Op.9 No.2

lately I've been working on Chopin's Nocturne No.2 on the piano.
I love this song, it suits my dreamy perspective well, and I enjoy it so much.
Listening to the Yundi Li's version of it always makes me smile.

Anyways, as I was figuring out the chords on left hand,
I realized there was a sense familiarity I have for this song.
I tried to remember where I first heard it from.
I've probably heard it lots in my childhood, in piano practice halls where others practiced.
But I know that something a bit more significant was related to this song.
Thinking hard, I began having an image of a cat in my mind.
Although I do often randomly think of cats, this wasn't one of those moments...

The more I thought, the more I remembered.
It was that cat, and that poem that song that video and that person.

I remember the first time watching the video, all my attention was dedicated to everything in it , except for the music.
I never paid much attention to the music, I mean, I thought it was calm and cute but that was all.

Up til now I've never noticed the background music or was able to really distinguish it.

I remember times where I would be down and sad back in those days and I would watch this video and feel some sort of 'energy'(strength?) that I would gain after watching it.

That's the impression the video/song had made in my mind.
Maybe aside from the natural elegant and romantic and dreamy-ness of this song,
unconsciously, the song links back to those feelings that I used to get from watching the video.

Maybe that's why I feel connected to the song.

I've always wanted to play a piece and have it tell a story,
Maybe this will be the first time that is achieved.